Worm Infestation – Cure Treatment


worms are cute but dangerous!


This package consists of:

  1. Case Taking : We collect all kinds of data from the patient for example what he likes more salt or sweet or sour, had past history malaria etc.
  2. Test Report (charges not inclusive): You will have to get a Lab Test done from your area of living.
  3. Medicines provided : According to the lab tests and case taking proper homeopathic medicines will be chosen and will be delivered to the patient (charges included).
  4. Relief : relief will be seen within in a month or a week but the complete treatment will go till 3 months.

Additional information

About the disease

Worm infestation is commonly found in children, in hot areas. These children generally complain about stomach pain or irregular coughs and vomiting.
Even with proper care and nutrition the child does not grow much, in these cases the fesses is examined under microscope to confirm the presence of worm.
Worms include Round worm Tape Worm Thread worm and Hook worm.

Hook worm in children causes anemia (deficiency of blood) which brings other related issues, this is a risk to the child's life. Some children wet there beds worms can be the reason.