Rheumatism – Cure Treatment


Cure Treatment from 6 months to a year.


Treatment of Rheumatism in homeopathy can take from 6 months to a year.

This package consists of:

  1. Case Taking : We collect all kinds of data from the patient for example what he likes more salt or sweet or sour, had past history malaria etc.
  2. Test Report (charges not inclusive): You will have to get a Lab Test done from your area of living.
  3. Medicines provided : According to the lab tests and case taking proper homeopathic medicines will be chosen and will be delivered to the patient (charges included).
  4. Monthly report : A report will be taken monthly  as a feedback, if the medicines are working as expected, and then another set of medicines will be sent, this will continue every month till six months.
  5. Final Dose : A Final dose may be


Additional information


This treatment will only cure you if you are committed and patient with the doctor, following instructions and taking medicines in time even when you have been relieved remember relief is not cure.


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