Piles – Cure Treatment


Homeopathy can save you from surgeon’s knife


Natural treatment in homeopathy takes around 3 to 4 months of treatment to cure piles

  1. Case Taking : We collect all kinds of data from the patient for example what he likes more salt or sweet or sour, had past history malaria etc.
  2. Test Report (charges not inclusive): You will have to get a Lab Test done from your area of living.
  3. Medicines provided : According to the lab tests and case taking proper homeopathic medicines will be chosen and will be delivered to the patient (charges included).
  4. Monthly report : A report will be taken monthly  as a feedback, if the medicines are working as expected, and then another set of medicines will be sent, this will continue every month till six months.
  5. Final Dose : A Final dose may be given after 6 months of treatment after analyzing the situation.
  6. Instruction manual : The precautions what to eat what not to eat/drink in this period of time, and how to take the medicines.
  7. Phone Calls / Meetings : For the case taking and monthly report patient will get calls from our doctor.