Joint Pain, Rheumatism or Gout is Physical discomfort where two or more bones meet to form a joint, ranging from mild to disabling.

Rheumatic heart is a cause of surfacing gout.

How Do I know I have Rheumatism?

The symptoms of Rheumatism are very common such as
 1. Pain on multiple joints and swelling in that region.
 2. Burning sensations on the foot,
 3. Different intensity of pain in different states of motion.
 4. Difficulty in sleeping and ears burn.

What Causes Rheumatism?

1. Increased Uric acid: The main cause of gout is a build-up of uric acid in the blood. This component accumulates, forming hard crystals in the joints and leading to pain and inflammation.
2. Past history Malaria/Dengue/chikungunya : The germs that caused this diseases in the past can also be a major reason for gout.
3. Genetic : Rheumatism can also be genetic.
4. Sugar Patient : Sugar Patients may also develop rheumatism, although it is not that common but is seen in some cases.
5. Chest Ache: Surfacing Rheumatism can cause Rheumatic heart- a heart disease.

What is the outlook for people with joint pain?

Joint pain is often a result of the damage that occurs through normal wear and tear. However, it can also be a sign of an infection or potentially debilitating RA.

You should see your doctor if you have any unexplained joint pain, especially if it doesn’t go away on its own after a few days. Early detection and diagnosis can allow for effective treatment of the underlying cause of your discomfort.

Homeopathy is considered a better choice to go with treatment of joint pain because  its has no side effects, cures other surfaced diseases and improves immunity also less costly.
We provide a personalized homeopathy treatment, considering every patient to be unique.


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