Homeopathy was able to give us a medicine that could prevent corona virus but recent trails suggest it can also be cured using homeopathy medicines.

Arsenic 30 – Preventive Medicine for Corona

As medical researchers the world over race in the quest for a vaccine for novel coronavirus (nCoV), the AYUSH ministry issued a statement and recommended that homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album 30 could be taken as a “prophylactic [preventive] medicine against possible coronavirus infections.

The ministry has attached a separate annexure with the advisory, which contains supporting evidence in the form of 33 research studies.

“These interventions from different AYUSH systems of medicines were supported with evidence for promotion of immunity and help in improving the respiratory symptoms in similar diseases,” wrote Rajesh Kotecha, secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, in the letter.

Recent Clinical Trial Results

April 21, 2020 Indian Council of Medical Research Permits a clinical trail of 5 homeopathy medicines – Brayonia Alba, Arcenic Album, Gelsemium, Antim tart and Crotalus H.

44 Corona Positive patients were treated in 2 groups. The group that was treated with homeopathy medicines became a symptomatic in 2 to 4 days and tested negative for covid-19 by the 7th day, the test was repeated on 9th day and still was found negative from covid-19.

The results were very enthusiastic and promising but the sample size was small, there will be more trials of these homeopathy medicines to confirm it’s usasge as a cure to corona virus.

Although these homeopathic medicines have not got a green light as a medicine for curing corona but it is completely authorized as a preventive medicine as per gov guide lines.

How to get the medicine

The medicine is available in any homeopathy drug store, but should not taken without the consultation of a doctor. The medicine has no side effect but to have the desired effects one needs to get a proper dosage.

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